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Photographic Techniques

Most of the photographs appearing on this site have been created using a large format 4x5 camera. Lenses range in focal length from 75mm to 360mm. Several images were created using a Pentax 67 with either a 45mm or 135mm lens. Films of choice are Fuji Velvia and Provia.

The 4x5 has been my camera of choice in photographing for over 15 years. In addition to the advantages the camera offers by way of its tilts for depth of field, the larger transparencies are simply unsurpassed when compared to those of the smaller formats. The extreme detail and resolution achievable on large transparencies, coupled with the fine grained films available today allows for large prints of unsurpassed quality.

For information on the prints please see About the Prints.


My personal goal in photographing is to record the natural world as I experience it at one particular moment. I do not combine elements from multiple photographs, add colors that were not in the original, add or remove subject matter, etc. I don't arrange elements in the field. I will, however, clean garbage from a scene, or tie back a branch that is occluding a view. Filtration is used sparingly (polarizer/warm polarizer, 81A, B and C, 10CC red/magenta) and with the intent of recording the scene as faithfully as possible. Every photographer makes his/her own decisions on what they are trying to accomplish/convey, and determines the means which are essential to their particular vision. My intent in the foregoing discussion is not to make any judgments on the work of other photographers, but simply to clarify the means by which I produce images.


I have been exploring and photographing the American landscape for over 15 years. Most of the places I seek are America's wilder areas, areas that still retain a vestige of their primal origin. Even if I am unable to record a particular location on film, a trip is considered successful simply by virtue of its having occurred. I also particularly enjoy exploring the intimate landscapes of the eastern United States. Surprisingly, the overlooked landscapes of the Middle Atlantic and New England states offer many incredible discoveries beyond the veneer of fall colors. I currently make my home in the Poconos, and have spent countless days exploring the Delaware Water Gap and its environs.

Many of the fine art prints on this site have been featured in galleries and purchased by collectors. These images and others may also be licensed for stock usage directly from myself or through the stock agency, Viesti Associates.


Photographs have been featured in several magazines and in numerous calendars, including: Sierra Club, Audubon, National Parks, Smith-Southwestern, and Wyman Publishing. Smith-Southwestern has also published several postcards.