About the Prints

All of the images on this web site are available as fine-art photographic prints. Most of the prints are created from large format 4x5 transparencies, and are printed on Fuji Crystal Archive photographic paper by a Lightjet 5000.

Crystal Archive LightJet Photographic Prints

Fuji Crystal Archive prints have an independently tested life span of 60-70 years for prints displayed under normal conditions, exceeding even the life span of Ilfochrome prints (29 years) and Ektacolor prints (16 years).


The first step in the process of printing is for Richard's transparencies to be digitally scanned using the high resolution Aztec Digital Photolab scanner. Richard then works closely with his custom printer to adjust the image digitally in Adobe Photoshop. Only traditional darkroom equivalents are used in readying the digital file for output. Digital file modifications include masking, dodging and burning, color balance and saturation adjustments, and contrast control. No other manipulations of any sort are made!!

In addition to the longevity provided by Fuji's Crystal Archive papers, this process allows for unmatched color control and accuracy. Using the master image file the LightJet 5000's lasers expose an 8x10 print exactly the same as an 30x40 print. There are no losses or variations in color, contrast, and sharpness, as their often is with traditional optical enlargements. The final step in creating the print is the processing of the Fuji Crystal Archive paper in traditional photographic chemistry. The end result is a true photographic fine art print that accurately matches what Richard experienced and recorded on film.


The scans for the images on this site are lower resolution scans than the scans used for producing Richard's fine art prints. This allows the site to load faster. Lower resolution scans coupled with the limitations inherent in the Web (monitor resolution and color balance differences, etc.) lead to web site images that cannot match the original print for sharpness and accuracy. Please be assured that any print ordered will far surpass its depiction on this site. Please also note that the copyright symbols appearing with the images on this site will not appear on the fine art prints. They are for copyright notification purposes only.